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Got business necrosis?

Corporate Diseases
  • Sales Constipation
    Unsuccessful efforts to increase sales due to competition or bad pipelines.
  • Corporate Necrosis
    Early symptoms of potential business failure.
  • Comfort Comma
    Lack of staff motivation or top management don't want to change.
  • Split Personality
    There’s a vision but people understand it differently or they don't believe it at all.
  • Office Planktonification
    Unambitious employees that execute tasks with no hopes of achieving anything.
  • Hierarchy Syndrome
    Decisions are made only by superiors, a process that often fails to deliver results.
Startup Diseases
  • Funding Collapse
    Lack of sufficient funds or loss of potentially profitable deals.
  • Structural Sclerosis
    Flawed or insufficient internal organizational structure.
  • Data Arthritis
    Non-existent, incomplete or not easily available data when needed.
  • Decision-Making Myopia
    Inability to make the right decisions due to lack of experience and expertise.
  • Talent Deficiency
    Shortage of experienced employees or lack of team entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Exposure Paralysis
    Inability to find the right distribution outlets or cannot reach the right audience.
WE >>
  • Transform

    We transform Sick Corporations and turn 'em into cool Tech Beasts made with unicorpses' best body parts stitched together and reinforced with alien tech.

  • Accelerate
    We get Malnourished Startups proper fuel, unapproved booster shots, and uncontrolled substances to launch, grow, pivot, and sometimes exit.
  • Invest
    We invest in kickass startup founders obsessed with Space, Robots, FutureTech, and everything beyond normal perception of Time and Space.
Our Methods

IMPACTA is an Innovation Lab \ Venture Catalyst with a focus on SpaceTech, FABTech, AI, and Next Reality Convergence we call FutureTech.

We transform sick corporations and malnourished startups into cool Tech Frankensteins made with unicorpses' best body parts stitched together, reinforced with kevlar, carbon, agility, and radical pivotability : //




Asia: 25/F, Garage Society, 2 Queen's Rd West, Sheung Wan, HK

Asia: 10 Anson Rd, 1901 International Plaza, 079903, Singapore

Middle East: 415, Burlington Tower Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Americas: 415 Jackson St, San Francisco, California, 94111, USA

Africa: 1F, 173 Oxford Rd, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Europe: 2/4 Akhospireli I Alley, Gudiashvili Sq, Tbilisi, Georgia

Space: SPCR Lounge, Hangar 18, Musk Crater, Tesla Valley, Mars

Phone: +852 91729690

Email: future [ @ ] impactalab.com